Alien Nation is a 1988 US Science Fiction Film directed by Graham Baker, starring James Caan as Matthew Sykes and Mandy Patinkin as Samuel 'George' Francisco.

The Film is set in 1991, three years after a giant spaceship landed in the Mojave Desert, populated by almost 300,000 aliens. They settle in Los Angeles wich subsequently becomes their new home. However, the so called Newcomers arent well accepted by the Human Citicens and have to face discrimination and racist insults.

Matthew Sykes, a Los Angeles Police Detective who loses his Partner in a Gunfight with Criminal Newcomers, gets Samuel Francisco, a newly promoted Newcomer Setective, assigned as his new Partner.

Sykes investigates a case of homicide, wich seems related to the case he was working on when his partner was killed, so he starts to investigate the murder of his former partner against his orders.

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