Buck Francisco

Buck Francisco

Race Tenctonese


  Buck Francisco is a teenager who is trying 
to connect with someone or something - trying to 
find meaning in his life, in his very existence.
 Unfortunately, the path Buck chooses leads him to join 
a street gang, which he foolishly perceives to be a symbol 
of his strength.

Buck feels disconnected from his father, Det. George Francisco, whom he considers to be a "sell-out." He resents his parents' efforts to blend into human society because he sees it as a rejection of their Tenctonese heritage.

Despite his youthful errors in judgment, Buck's parents have not given up hope that he will straighten out his life. And, given time, he just might learn that there are worse things in life than learning to compromise and live in peace with his human neighbors. Actor Sean Six

Buck Francisco is the son of George Francisco and Susan Francisco and is the Brother of Emily and Vessna.

His Tenctonese Name is Finiksa

George: Susan: Emily: Vessna:

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